Blair Imani x Elhoffer Design

Blair Imani holds the tag for the Blair Imani X Elhoffer Design scarf collaboration. The tag is a white heart with black outline featuring the text of Blair Imani X Elhoffer in the center and 5 photos of Blair wearing the light pink and light blue head scarf.
On the left, Blair (a medium skinned hijabi model) wears the pink, blue, and white tie dyed scarf as a hijab, covering her hair and neck. On the right, she wears the light and dark orange tie dyed scarf as a head wrap with a twist across the top.
Blair Imani x Transcendence Spandex Scarf + Orange Burst Spandex Scarf
On the left, Blair Imani (a medium skinned hijabi model) wears the neon rainbow tie dye head scarf wrapped around her head, crossed at the front, with the ends draped over her shoulders. On the right, Blair models the black and rainbow striped scarf as a wrap around her shoulders. The scarf is mostly black, with a strong stripe of purple, blue, green, yellow, and red. She wears a black wrap around her head.
Blair Imani X Neon Rainbow Spandex Scarf + Wrapped in Rainbow Knit Scarf
Blair (a medium skinned hijabi model) wears the light and dark orange tie dyed scarf as a head wrap covering her hair and neck in one photo. In the other two photos, she drapes the scarf across her shoulders and a shoulder wrap.
Blair Imani X  Orange Burst Spandex Scarf
Blair (a medium skinned hijabi model) wears the pink, blue, and white tie dyed scarf as a hijab, covering her hair and draped over her shoulder.
Blair Imani x Transcendence Spandex Scarf
Blair Imani X Neon Rainbow Spandex Scarf
Blair Imani X  Wrapped in Rainbow Knit Scarf
this all started with
geek fashion

Everything we do started with Catherine Elhoffer hand-making all her designs in her living room on her home sewing machines. After being fired from her full time job at a licensed geek fashion company she decided to make her dream of making high end geek inspired apparel a reality. Tired of screen printed logos and poor craftsmanship, she hand crafted garments out of luxurious textiles and used clean lines and color-blocking to make a finished piece that quickly found a following.

Being considered plus-size herself, Catherine was tired of fast fashion pieces not fitting her body, so she designed for fat girls like herself. She opened up for orders on the first of every month and would shut down orders within two days to start fulfilling the demand, but when her work grew too demanding she reached out to local factories in her city of Los Angeles to expand her designs. That grew to the company you see now. She stopped taking custom orders nearly 4 years ago and, though she still sews and makes samples for product development or orders for friends and celebrities alike.

Catherine, a mid to plus sized white woman with blond hair, is wearing a coral tank and pastel rainbow cloud maxi skirt and is leaning against a mannequin wearing a black and red maxi wrap dress while standing in a boutique.

We Love Designing geeky clothes

How we do
what we do

We are focused on making our customers feel amazing and powerful in the clothes we make. All apparel is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California to ensure each garment is crafted with the utmost care and caliber. We value a great fit and quality textiles, and we produce apparel in small and often limited runs.

Designs are inspired by pop culture and use silhouette, color, texture, and lines to tell the story of the character or fandom while creating flattering and chic fashion. We test fits on a variety of curves and bring in a variety of models in our photoshoots to try and represent as many types of bodies as possible with our resources.

We sell mostly through our webstore but can also be found at some pop culture conventions where we love meeting our Starpuff Fanbase and getting them fit in our favorite pieces!

Also.... Pockets

Meet our amazing team


Catherine is the founder and designer of this growing company. As a talented seamstress, she started in costume design and moved into fashion when she realized stretchy fabrics were easy to sew with a serger and stretched to accomodate her curves.

Now as she has all the amazing employees below she can spend her days working on new designs, picking out fabrics, fitting samples, planning photoshoots and product drops, and playing Stardew Valley.


Christina-Marie is our official Chaos Coordinator and affectionately known by our fans as their “Fairy Gothmother”. She handles all the business strategy, customer service, conventions, special events, pop ups and community relations. Catch her off the clock living her best Punk Rock Princess life at a show or at the various Disney parks!


Susan handles social media, influencer relations, and PR. She also writes all the fantastic puns in the Elhoffer Newsletter and may or may not crack herself up while doing it. She enjoys being part of the convention Away Team, is a total Reylo shipper, and was bitten by several radioactive spiders while becoming Sorcerer Supreme! 


Vanessa organizes all our crazy product to get it made and into your hands! She is obsessive about making spreadsheets and finding a place for everything in the studio.

Her day in the office consists of visiting our cutting house, placing our fabric orders, inspecting delivered goods, spec'ing size runs of our apparel, listening to Catherine's absurd ideas about new designs, and about ten million other things.


"I ship and I sew things!"

Jes spends her work days organizing our small warehouse, bagging our recently finished knitwear, and sewing random things she thinks our fans may love. She tests out new ideas and helps use our leftover fabrics that we then sell in our Starpuff Select limited sales.


KatieLynn is the Studio & Model Coordinator, helping to manage our our Photoshoots. If she looks familiar, it might be because you’ve seen her modeling here on the site, too!

When she grows up, she wants to be Leia Organa.


Kat started by modeling for us and is now on staff working customer service, shipping and is always looking for ways to make the team's workload easier.

She recently took on organizing our online sample sales so product from our photoshoots and damaged pieces can find loving homes.

She says her job description is “anything as needed”.