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    All Returns and Exchanges can be processed below.

    • If you would like to exchange for a different size, we require you to return your item and purchase it again. We can not promise sizes are always available, as we produce in very small runs. 
    • If your product has a sewing or knit flaw, please use the system below to return it to us, and when we get it and find the same problem, we will process the return in full with no shipping fees charged to you. Even if you would like to exchange for a different size, we will need to process the item as a return.
    • If you do not provide notes as to any manufacturing flaws, we will process it as a standard return with no refund on shipping. We need your help letting us know what the problems are, as we are a very small company. 
    • If you would like to exchange your item, please place a new order, as we will require your replacement order number in order to waive the restocking fee.
    • You will need your Email Address and Order Number to proceed
    • Please note: If the item looks as though it has been worn it will not be approved for a return. We can only return unworn clothes. (Trying on to test fit is not considered 'worn'. Smelly, washed, or general wear on clothes is considered worn). If you send back clothes that we deem to be worn, we will refuse the return allotted and allow only a partial return. 
    • Customized clothing can not be returned or exchanged. You can certainly send it back through this system, but we will not return or exchange it. 
    • If your preorder shipped after this automated return process allows, please message us! We always want you to be happy with our apparel! :)