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    SDCC Exclusives and Launches!

    In preparation for the craziness that is San Diego Comic Con, we are posting all the product that will be at our booth #932 so you can plan your con - or con someone else into swinging by for you. Be sure to check back as more pieces will be posted as we get closer to the show and more product arrives in our studio! 
    They will be labeled either 'Exclusive' (only available at our booth and limited) or 'Launching' (will drop at the show and will appear on the site at a later, undefined date!). None of the product will show as in stock on our site, as we are not selling it here. We are simply listing it with product info so you can properly prep your con visit! 
    Join us at our Facebook Event so you can keep up to date with updates during the show with what's sold out each day!