Kit is wearing a Sample Medium beige high waisted legging, but would prefer a Small. She is 5’7” and a 26” Waist and 38” Hip.
Kit pairs the beige high waisted leggings with our cobalt Catherine top.
Kit models the back of the beige leggings, showing the two full size pockets.
Unstretched Waist Measurements. XS 23" S 25" M 27" L 29" XL 32" 2X 35" 3X 39"

Essential High-Waisted Legging - Beige

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Our super popular, super stretchy leggings with back pockets. They go with everything!

  • Heavyweight Spandex engineered for low impact active wear
  • Extremely high waisted to go with our crop tops, tunics, and oversized sweaters
  • Seamless Front
  • Nylon/Spandex Blend - Made from Circular Knit Spandex so there is next to no chance of it going sheer!
  • Back Patch Pockets (which due to the four way stretch may encounter some threads snapping! Make friends with a seamstress for minor repairs) 
  • Colors may vary due to monitor settings

This legging is incredibly stretchy, with the most important measurement being the waist band, as the fabric stretches even further the larger the size (as there’s more to stretch). The Legging is incredibly high-waisted and has a long inseam. Pocket placement may need adjusting on each individual body as our fit models have hips and booty, so if you’re less curvy you may want to take them to a tailor to be moved in more.

Kit is wearing a Medium when she tends to wear our XS and Smalls, she would've preferred the fit of the Small. She is 5’7” and has a 36” Bust, 26” Waist, and 38” Hip.  

Photos by Lauren Elisabeth Photo.

Depending on the style you can go down or up based on your own personal preference for fit and look. Different body shapes may also fit better in a different size. Our pieces tend to have very nice stretch.

If you're unsure of what to size off of, the chest for tops/dresses tends to be the most important measurement to check as our pieces have such a good stretch that even if you're more rectangular shaped with a waist nearly matching your bust, the waist of the garment will very likely stretch to fit!

Also the larger a garment gets the more it can stretch as it has even more spandex in it! So smaller sizes can stretch 3-5" while larger sizes can stretch 5-10".

Are you Petite? You likely will want to size down in spandex dresses and tops as they're so stretchy. So if our models with similar measurements to you but tall are wearing a given size you may prefer to go down one size in spandex. Knitwear cardigans and tops may be similar but if something says it has less stretch than our usual knits we wouldn't recommend sizing down. And of course additional hemming may be necessary for things with skirts. 

Are you Tall? We don't recommend sizing down as the garments will be shorter on you. We wouldn't recommend sizing up as the shoulders and body may be too large for you. We recommend ordering the size comparable models are wearing.

When we have combined sized styles it means you should still buy the size intended for your measurements. However combined sizes tend to be oversized so you can go down if you'd like a less oversized fit. (It's best to only go down if you are the smaller of the two combined sizes, if you're the second size in a combo size you may hate the tighter fit)


Chloe - 33” Chest 24.5” Waist 34” Hip 5’9” Height - Tops, Bottoms, & Dresses: XS & XS/S Unisex: XXS
Andrea - 35” Chest 26”Waist 38” Hip 5’2” Height - Tops, Dresses & Bottoms: XS & XS/S - Unisex: XXS
Kate - 34" Chest 26" Waist 36" Hip 5'2" - Tops, Bottoms, Dresses: XS Unisex: XXS/XS
Susan - 32” Chest 25” Waist 36” Hip 5’9” Height - Tops, Dresses, Bottoms, & Unisex: XS & XS/S
Melanie - 32" Chest 26" Waist 35" Hips 5' - Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses: XS Unisex: XXS/XS
Morgana - 35.5" Chest 30" Waist 38" Hip 6'1" - Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses: S Unisex: XS
Krystina - 36” Chest 28” Waist 36.5” Hip 5’5” Height - Tops, Bottoms, &Dresses: S & XS/S Unisex: XS
Ciara - 36.5” Chest 26.5” Waist 41” Hip 5’8” Height - Tops, Dresses & Bottoms: S & XS/S - Unisex: XS
Amy - 36" Chest 29" Waist 35" Hip 5'5.5" - Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses: M or S for fitted look. Unisex: S
Alyssa - 37” Chest 30” Waist 40” Hip 5’3” Height - Tops, Most Dresses & Bottoms: M & M/L - Maxi & Wrap Dresses & Unisex: S
Devan - 40” Chest 31” Waist 42” Hip 5’8” Height - Tops, Dresses &  Bottoms: M & M/L - Unisex: S
Dayna (at 8 months pregnant) - 38" Chest 36.5" Waist 44" Hip 5'8" - Tops, Dresses, and Skirts: M Slips and Leggings: L Unisex: S
Thor - 41" Chest 31" Waist 31" Hips 6' - Tops: M/L Unisex: M
Lynsi - 39" Chest 33" Waist 45" Hip 5'5.5" - Tops, Dresses, and Bottoms: M Unisex: S
Desireé - 41” Chest 35” Waist 40” Hip 5’11” Height - Tops, Dresses,Unisex & Bottoms: L & M/L
Whitney - 42" Chest 31" Waist 42" Hip 5'2" - Tops, Dresses, and Bottoms: L Unisex: L
Leah - 40" Chest 38" Waist 48" Hip 5'3" - Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses: XL Unisex: L or XL
Danielle - 44" Chest 36.5" Waist 47" Hip 5'8" - Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses: XL Unisex: L
Riley - 44.5" Chest 39" Waist 42.5" Hip 6' - Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses: XL Unisex: XL
Ren - 44" Chest 40" Waist 42" Hip 5'2" - Tops, Dresses, and Bottoms: L (XL for a relaxed fit) Unisex: L
Ashley - 44” Chest 39” Waist 52” Hip 5’7” Height - Tops, Skirts & Dresses: L & M/L - Pants & Shorts: XL Unisex: M
Bryan - 44” Chest 34” Waist 42” Hip 6’2” Height - Unisex: L - Dresses, Tops, & Bottoms: XL
Janae - 46" Chest 39" Waist 50" Hip 5'7" - Tops, Bottoms, and Dresses: XL Unisex
Anastasia - 48” Chest 39” Waist 45” Hip 5’9” Height - Tops: 2XL & XL/2XL - Dresses, Bottoms & Unisex: XL
Jade - 47” Chest 39”Waist 50” Hip 5’4” Height - Tops, Most Dresses & Bottoms: 2XL & XL/2XL - Maxi Dresses & Unisex: XL
Tas - 51” Chest 39.5” Waist 52” Hip 5’6” Height - Tops, Most Dresses  & Bottoms: 2XL & XL/2XL - Maxi Dresses & Unisex: XL
Dawn - 49.5” Chest 43” Waist 56” Hip 5’6” Height - Tops, Most Dresses & Bottoms: 3XL & 3XL/4XL - Maxi Dresses & Unisex: 2XL
Victoria - 51” Chest 47” Waist 58” Hip 5’4” Height - Tops, Dresses, Unisex, & Bottoms: 3XL & 3XL/4XL
Logan - 54.5" Chest 50" Waist 62" Hip 5'6" - Tops, Dresses, and Bottoms: 3XL/4XL Unisex: 3XL
Angel - 55” Chest 48” Waist 56” Hip 5’3” Height - Most Tops, Dresses, & Bottoms: 4XL - Spandex Dresses, Wraps & Tops: 3XL

Care: Nearly everything we make is recommended to be hand washed on cold water and dried flat.

For BEST care: Dry Clean if you have a cleaners you like and trust.

We personally throw almost everything in the wash (often with color catcher sheets) inside out on cold; then we drape over our chairs or on a drying rack to let it all dry. This is the best way to care for most RTW Apparel.

Stretch Vinyl: Spot cleaned and sprayed with vodka if you don't want to dry clean yet (Vinyl doesn't do well around ANY kind of heat)

Spandex/Ponte de Roma: Cold Wash, hang or dry flat (hanging to dry can cause it to stretch out). We also recommend color catching sheets when washing Spandex or Ponte as color in the fabric can be shed over many washes.

Velvet: We've turned our velvet pieces inside out and washed them in delicate wash on cold and in garment bags, then laid the piece across our bed to dry. Velvet hates heat so never put in the dryer. We've been fine steaming velvet with a hand steamer. Best care is to dry clean.

Snagged or Pulled a knit piece? Get a Snag Repair Tool, which you can buy on Amazon or in your local sewing shop. This repair tool is easy to use, but there's a great tutorial video if you want help! 

Storage: Sweaters should be stored folded, never stored hung up as it can stretch and warp them. Spandex and Ponte can be stored hung up but be aware they can also stretch over time if a heavy dress or skirt.

For In Stock Items we take 3-7 days to ship.

If you live in Los Angeles we offer free pickups at our studio that we request you schedule with us after placing your order so we can ensure someone is available when you come by! We allow pickups from Monday - Friday 9am-5pm! 

Want us to reuse a shipping box to help reduce single-use garbage? Add our 'Eco-Friendly Packaging Listing' to your cart!

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Want to Customize your piece?

If you would like to have us hem this pant for you, you must add our Alteration Add-On Listing to your order and include the exact measurements you'd like it hemmed to from the inseam - the crotch down to the hem.

Altered Garments are FINAL SALE.

 - Legging Hemming Alteration - Add-On

Add-On: Pant Hemming Alteration

  • Hemming can add several weeks to the ship date based on our workload!
Regular price$15.00


Altered Garments are FINAL SALE

Add this into your cart if you are looking for us to alter your garment before it gets to you. Each add on is only good for one garment and is garment specific, so select the correct alteration for your apparel item!

At checkout, include in the notes what you would like the measurement of the final garment to be:

  • Final length of the pant from Crotch to Hem (also known as Inseam) - in inches


  • Final length of the pant from Top of Waist to Hem (outseam) - in inches

After checking out your email notifications will not include the note you left at checkout so don't stress if you don't see it. If we have any questions we will email you at your saved email address. If we don't hear back within 5 days we will refund your alteration payment to store credit and ship your unaltered piece. 

Alterations can take 10-15 days depending on our workload, so it will add extra time onto your shipment.

Please note: you may have a dry cleaner or alterations shop near you that could offer these same services at likely lower rates!! 

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